About Us It's Nice to Meet You!

Our goal is to work both as (sub)contractors and with own products. This mix will benefit both us and our customers. We get inspiration and experience from our customers work and they get the same from us. Important here is that we will try to never make products that are competing with our customers. This goes against our core values that are listed on our main page. Customers can hire us for Load Balance. When the load of the customers projects are high we can work more and when less is required we work on our own products.

You? Software Engineer

We are looking for a software developer in Göteborg, for working with our own project as well as be working as a contractor for others. You probably have experience with embedded software. You should be skilled in C++ and know or be willing to learn C++11 (and C++14, C++17).

Per Johnsson Managing Director, Software Engineer

I have been working as a software developer since 1999, but I still have a passion for creating high quality software. Most of the work have been on embedded platforms, but my skills are diversified.


Leif-Håkan Johnsson Senior Advisor

Handles some business related issues